Jesus and god

Is jesus really 100% god if so, how could he also be 100% man is that really possible. It is a christian truism that jesus christ is central when reading the ot and nt as scripture: he is their basic content, the word of god he gives them their form. Let this mind be in you which was also in christ jesus, who, being in the form of god, did not consider it robbery to be equal with god, but made himself of no.

jesus and god Since jesus claimed to be god, his claims are either true or false  one of his  disciples, simon peter, replied: 'you are the christ, the son of the living god.

If you see jesus like you do gandhi, nelson mandela, or confucius, you do not know jesus. Yes, jesus is god, but the answer needs to be expounded upon when we say that jesus is god we're using the term god in reference to the divine nature. Who else could claim these things except god does that mean there are multiple gods believing jesus is god doesn't mean there are multiple gods it can be.

If god does not have a literal wife, when and how did jesus become his son and does god have other sons. When we are praying, do we pray directly to god or through jesus the answer to the given question is “yes” and “yes” but allow me to elaborate on that a bit. During epiphany, we celebrate the light of christ breaking through the world's darkness as he proclaims good news to the poor and liberty to. The spirit goes back to god who gave it, according to ecclesiastes 12:7, and clearly stephen is acknowledging jesus as god by his prayer request while we . In john 1, we are told, god tells how he used jesus to create the world but, why does genesis not mention this that is what i always.

If jesus is god, then he is omniscient but this text says the son is not omniscient after all, it identifies something the son doesn't know. In no god but one: allah or jesus, nabeel qureshi investigates the evidence for islam and christianity as a former muslim one of the most. Is jesus god or is jesus nothing more than a prophet and teacher what does the bible say about jesus find out now.

Jesus and god

This, i believe, will be my final post on an issue that changed my mind about while doing the research for how jesus became god this last. And when that ghost is none other than jesus christ, believed by more than two billion of the world's people to be the very son of god, well, the. In how jesus became god, bart ehrman explores how a jewish preacher from galilee was transformed into a deity jesus himself didn't call. Jesus is god - study biblical proof that speaks of jesus' deity is he god why is this concept so important to us today.

  • Read biblical and historical evidence about jesus christ's claim to be god learn about who jesus is and why the bible is reliable from truths about god.
  • Throughout the gospel of john, we see that jesus is god and the reality toward which all of israel's history points not only is he the messiah, but he's also the.
  • I've heard for over thirty years that “the bible never says that jesus is god” in fact, one of my first research projects in the early 80s, after i.

Many people have come to my door in hopes of proving that jesus never claimed to be god because he wasn't god here are some verses that show their. He also discloses unto the world that jesus was alongside god (the father) and that he was god (john 1:1-14) this indubitably makes christ. “you say that jesus is god, right” i answered in the affirmative “and you say that god is in heaven, right” i nodded “and you say there is only.

jesus and god Since jesus claimed to be god, his claims are either true or false  one of his  disciples, simon peter, replied: 'you are the christ, the son of the living god.
Jesus and god
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